Before the music starts, we open on a quick sequence of shots of Jake in an old gritty bathroom of a gas station, rest stop etc…This will be sound designed and shot to feel like we’re there with him. He’s washing his face and his body with the sink water, brushing his teeth and looking in the mirror. He tosses the toothbrush and the rest of his stuff in his backpack, and comes out of the bathroom. He hops on his bike and rides off. 

******Song begins******

We open on individual silhouettes of musicians playing their part of the song (silhouette of drummer, guitar player, keys, etc…). We eventually get to Jake when we hear the first vocals. The first time we see him he is also silhouetted, but eventually the lighting reveals his face as he looks into camera. We will do a few different lighting set-ups throughout the video with moving and colorful lights to keep the energy matching the song. 

We cut to Jake riding his bike on a road. There’s not much around, and it is clear that he is traveling on his own. We are along side him as he is riding the bike. (We’ll do some takes where he sings the song while riding, and some w/o singing.) He comes upon a pawn shop/thrift store, etc…where he decides to buy a guitar with the few dollars that he has.

We show him riding at sunset and into the night, with city lights and cars on the road around him. He rides up to a Motel where he will stay the night. We’ll shoot from outside the window of him talking to the front desk, convincing the person at the front desk to let him stay the night. We show him getting into his motel room as it’s completely dark with only light from the moon and street lights coming through the window. He turns on the lamp, and checks out his new home for the night. We show him sitting on his bed, lit only by the lamp next to him, writing lyrics in an old notebook. It’s full of songs that he’s written, as well as a photo of his grandmother. He eventually picks up the guitar and we show him singing along to “I don’t wanna wake up”. 

We continue to cut back and forth from Jake performing the song in the motel room to him performing on the stage w/ moving lights. As the song comes to and end and fades out, we cut to a wide shot of inside the empty motel room, and can hear the sound of a shower running in the bathroom. We then go through a sequence of cuts similar to how the video began, where we see him changing into fresh clothes, coming out of his motel room just before sunrise, and riding off towards the sun coming up.